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F.I.R.M.A. S.p.A. – Fabbrica Italiana Ritrovati Medicinali ed Affini informs you that the processing of your personal data performed through the website (“Website”) or collected through this contact form is carried out in accordance with the applicable Privacy Laws (D. lgs. 196/2003 –Privacy Code-; Directive 95/46/EC; Regulation 2016/679/EU) and with the Website’s Privacy Policy.

Data Controller and Data Processor
The Data Controller is F.I.R.M.A. S.p.A. – Fabbrica Italiana Ritrovati Medicinali ed Affini, headquartered in Via di Scandicci 37 – 50143 Firenze, ITALY, Tel. (+39) 055-7399511 (“Data Controller” or “Controller”). The Data Processor is the Head of the Control and Management of External Business Operations Forces Department of the Company, based at the Data Controller’s address (“Data Processor” or “Processor”).

Categories of Data and Processing Methods
With your consent, we process your personal data, including your sensitive personal data, which you confer when you interact with the Website and use the functions available thereon. The data in question include, in particular, name, surname, contact details, professional qualifications, as well as the content of your specific request or notification and the additional data that the controller may acquire in the course of its activities, even from third parties (“Data”). As far as sensitive Data are concerned, and particularly information which may reveal your health conditions, we clarify that the Controller may infer this information from your communications (e.g. requests of products, notifications, etc.): given the intimate nature of such information, we invite you to exercise the highest caution in selecting the Data you submit to us. Processing may take place by electronic means or in paper, and will entail the implementation of the security measures prescribed by the applicable law.

Purposes of the processing and nature of Data conferral
The Data are processed for the following purposes: (i) manage your requests for information and notification performed through the Website; (ii) fulfil legal obligations stemming from laws, regulation, EU law; (iii) perform statistical analyses on the use of the Website; (iv) manage pharmacovigilance notifications. In order to process the requests you submit through the contact form, you are required to consent to the processing of the data marked with an asterisk (*). If you do not confer the consent or the data, we will be unable to process your request. Conversely, information to be added in fields not marked by an asterisk is optional: if you do not wish to fill them in, there will be no consequence. In any event, the Controller may process, even without your prior consent, your personal Data for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations stemming from statutes, regulations or EU Law; defending a judicial claim; pursuing a legitimate interest; as well as in all the other circumstances described under arts. 24 and 24 of the Privacy Code and by arts 6 and 9 of regulation 2016/679/EU, where applicable. Personal data are entered in the company’s electronic systems in full compliance with the Privacy Laws, including the aspects pertaining to security and confidentiality and in line with the principles of fair and lawful processing. Data shall be stored only as long as necessary to fulfil the goals for which they were collected; in any case, the criteria used to determine such period is based on the terms prescribed by the applicable laws as well as on the principles of minimal data processing and rational management of archives.

Communication and dissemination of data
Data are processed with electronic and manual means, in line with procedures and logical arrangements tailored to the above purposes, and are accessible to the Controller’s staff in charge of data processing, as well as to the Data Processor(s), if any. Data may be communicated -also in Third Countries- to (i) institutions, authorities, public entities for purposes pertaining to their institutional objectives; (ii) professionals, independent collaborators (including those working in partnership); other individuals/entities to which the Data Controller outsources technical or commercial services required to run the Website and its functions (such as IT and Cloud Computing service providers), to pursue the above-mentioned purposes and to provide the services requested by users; (iii) third parties in case of mergers/acquisitions, audits and other extraordinary operations; (iv) other companies of the Menarini Group, as specified in the Website’s Privacy Policy. Such individuals/entities will access only the personal data required to perform the relevant operations and will process them in accordance with the applicable Privacy Laws. Furthermore, data may be communicated to other recipients as permitted by the applicable laws and regulations. With the exception of the above, personal data are not shared with other Third Parties –be they legal or natural persons- which do not perform any commercial, professional or technical task on behalf of the Data Controller; in addition, data will not be disseminated. Data recipients will process data in the capacity of data controller, data processor or person in charge of the processing, as the case may be, for the above specified purposes and in accordance with the applicable Privacy Laws. As far as the potential transfer towards Third Countries is concerned --including transfers to Third Countries which may not ensure the same level of protection afforded by the Privacy Laws- the Controller informs that processing will take place in accordance with one of the methods set forth under Chapter V, Regulation 2016/679/EU.

Rights of the Data Subjects
By contacting the Data Controller or the Data Processor at the contact details indicated above, you may at any time exercise the rights afforded by art, 7 of the Privacy Code and by arts. 15 (and following) of Regulation 2016/679/EU, such as, by way of example, receive the updated list of those who may access your Data, receive confirmation any of your personal Data is being processed by the Controller, verify their content, origin, exactness, location (including, where applicable, the Third Countries where they might be), ask that the data are supplemented, updated, deleted, anonymised, frozen (if processed against the law), or to oppose to their processing for legitimate reasons, as well as to lodge a complaint with the competent Regulatory Authority. At any time, you may withdraw the consent you have previously conferred.